Our Story

The B&B Quality Meats story starts in 2007. Owners Carroll and Sue were in Flint Hills, Kansas, and bought some goats to clean up their pastures. Carroll wanted to take some of the goats to San Angelo, Texas, to slaughter but unfortunately the plant went out of business. Carroll and his wife then bought a facility in Denison, KS, to take care of their needs as well as some of the individuals in the community. They finally landed in Larned, KS, after several years of attempting to buy an existing plant.


Carroll and Sue hit the ground running in 2009. They operate a fully-functioning factory that can process cattle, deer, sheep, buffalo and more. B&B Quality Meats is set apart from others in the industry because Carroll says “if it has four legs and can walk, we can process it.” This is compared to some other facilities that might only take cattle or deer after it has been boned out.

Through word of mouth, B&B has customers sending meat and animals to its plant to be processed and sent from coast to coast. Though processing meat is B&B’s mainstay, B&B also owns and operates a retail meat market.

After several years of being in business, B&B now offers a wide variety of always cut, never pressed meat and beef jerky. From prime rib, to bacon, to brats, breakfast sausage, smoked turkey, sausage meatloaf, and cowboy bacon, you’ll find it at B&B. B&B Quality Meats believes in doing it the Kansas way… do it right, and people will come.

People trend toward B&B’s Jerky, and rightfully so! Some jerky needs to be flavored with 10,000 different spices to make it edible, but Carroll has a much simpler process to making great beef jerky. You start with a great cut of meat, add a few simple seasonings, cut (and never press) the meat, and dehydrate. B&B Quality Meats is dedicated to quality products with no fluff. That’s why our packaging isn’t fancy, it’s practical. If you want a great cut of meat, at great prices, and that tastes amazing, you’ll find it at B&B.