Beef Jerky: Kid's Mix Recipe

Beef Jerky can stand on it's own as a snack, but it's also incredibly versatile.

One of the versatile ways you can utilize Jerky is to mix it with other ingredients. We thought we’d share a simple mix with you.

Make packing lunch for your kids easy with several simple ingredients and very little prep time!


What you’ll need...

½ Pound of Jerky or Hot Jerky (FIND OURS HERE)

1 CUP Cashews

1 CUP Peanuts

1 CUP M&Ms

1 CUP Dried Cranberries

Expect this recipe to yield about 10 snack bags filled with goodness for your kids!

One for their sleepover, one for their school lunch, and one just for you because you deserve it!

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