B&B Quality Meats | How We Pack BIG Flavor Into Our Beef Jerky

Beef Jerky is a timeless tradition, and a backbone of the hard work that we at B&B Quality Meats do.

Our jerky isn’t just any regular old jerky, it’s made with great cuts of meat, a few spices, and a lot of love. A lot of the other guys will press their jerky, grinding up the meat, not using the best cuts, and putting it through a device called a jerky gun. Now to some, they might not mind doing it this way, but we don’t believe in it.

Pressed beef jerky just isn’t the same as finely cut beef jerky. The big players in the market often use the pressed jerky method, putting the jerky in the fridge after grinding and seasoning, then transferring the mixture into a jerky gun. You can still make some tasty jerky this way, but the texture can differ from batch-to-batch, and the quality of the meat isn’t as good as using the best cuts directly from the source that you want to make your jerky from.

The only commonality between pressed jerky and cut jerky is the dehydration method, which is the cornerstone of beef jerky itself.

When you use the best cuts of meat, slice them to perfection, season them with the right amount of spices, and dehydrate the meat the same about of time, you’ll see a noticeable and consistent texture...and taste the difference!

We pride ourselves on being able to deliver Quality Meats, each and every batch. From processing, to shipping, to your front door, it’s nothing but the best quality meats… every time!

Looking to try some out for yourself?

Visit our Online Store where you can see everything we have to offer, including beef bites and sticks, made the same way!

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