B&B Quality Meats: How a small Kansas town shaped B&B's rich history

It’s no surprise we landed in a state well-known for its livestock and beef industry.

Named after Fort Larned, the town of Larned, Kansas, became our home in 2009. Since, we’ve taken our small-town Kansas meat processing plant online and nationwide.

Smack dab in the middle of the United States, Larned is a great place to do business. We wouldn’t have the great customers we do without such a supportive town where no one is a stranger! Our vicinity to great hunting ground in Larned is one of the many reasons we enjoy our location so much. 

Rooted long before our quality meat found its home here, Larned was founded in the late 1800’s. Known as the Guardian of the Santa Fe Trail, Fort Larned was established by the U.S Army. They would stand guard along the Santa Fe Trail that divided the midwest and southwest at the time. After the construction of railroads in southwest Kansas, the fort turned into a livestock ranch and Kansas and midwest tourist destination. Nowadays, most people use the Fort Larned Historical Site for tourism.  

If you haven’t heard OUR STORY through our website, we’ve been rooted in Larned for nearly 10 years! We’re able to process meat as you are needing it! We’ve had hunters from the coast and everywhere in between who have brought us their game for meat processing. Our jerky products are so deliciously-popular, and locally we help you get your hunt and heads processed. There's no denying the quality of Kansas meats ,and we love to brag about it. If you are in our area we’d love for you to stop by and see the processes that make our products top-notch. 

Next time you’re in Larned exploring its history, come say hi! You can visit our processing location with retail at 759 East 14th Street or our exclusive retail location in downtown Larned at 508 Broadway Street. If you can’t make it, you can learn all about us and shop our great products from our website at bandbqualitymeats.com.

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