WHOLE MUSCLE BEEF JERKY Healthy Snacking At It's Best! 16 oz. pkg 8 oz. pkg 4 oz. pkg         Whole Muscle Beef Jerky 16 oz pkg   8 oz pkg 4 oz pkg
PORK BRATWURST Awesome flavor, mild or hot! Perfect for Backyard or Tailgate BBQ 16 oz. pkg of 4 Brats or a package of 6 * TIP: After grilling, wrap your brat in  a flour tortilla with a slice of cheese and "savor the flavor!"
BEEF AND PORK SUMMER SAUSAGE Great mild flavor! Excellent with cheese and crackers for snacks! 16 oz (slices) package
SAME GREAT SUMMER SAUSAGE- FOR THOSE WHO LOVE HEAT! Our Jalapeno-Cheese summer sausage. 16 oz (slices) package
OVEN READY CURED PORK LOAF Our own best selling unique recipe! Similiar to a meatloaf, only out of pork, all you do is thaw and bake! This is one of our most popular items! We'll even enclose a sauce receipe and cooking instructions! 32 oz bulk package
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